July 10, 2012    

Contact: Brad Dayspring



YG Action Fund & MavPAC Announce
Strategic Partnership

Commit to $5 Million Plus Effort to Mobilize & Elect
Next Generation of Conservative Leaders

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The YG Action Fund, dedicated to supporting candidates for elected office who hold true to the Young Guns Movement, and MavPAC, engaging and building a national network of next generation conservative leaders from business, politics and law announced a strategic partnership in advance of the 2012 Election.  The two groups authored a joint op-eddetailing how young voters have struggled in the Obama economy and why their participation is important in 2012 in today’s Politico.


MavPAC & YG Action are Super PACs dedicated to inspiring the next-generation of conservatives, electing a new generation of conservative leaders, and sharing common goals and interests that will help shape the future of America.  The synergy of the goals and long-term objectives of the two PACs provides a natural partnership to maximize results.

“MavPac is designed to mobilize young conservative professionals who care about economic growth and entrepreneurialism, and the YG Action Fund exists to elect them,” said John Murray, President of the YG Action Fund.  “This strategic partnership reflects our collective belief in and enthusiasm for supporting the next generation of conservative leaders.  The Young Guns movement has always been about playing offense and this is another extension of that effort.”

“Recognizing the natural synergy between the two groups, MavPAC is looking forward to engaging next generation leaders across the country in partnership with the YG Action Fund,” said George P. Bush, National Co-Chairman of Maverick PAC (MavPAC) “With so much at stake, it is critical that our generation serves as game changers this election.”

The Partnership:

• MavPAC & YG Action Fund Commit to $5 million effort to mobilize and elect next generation of conservative leaders.
• MavPAC & YG Action Fund will share political intelligence on potential chapter expansions in key districts, states and races.  They will also work together to highlight and introduce Young Gun style leaders to the MAVPAC membership.


• MavPAC & YG Action Fund are partnering on future events. The first of these will be MavPAC’s annual conference in Dallas, Texas on July 21 where YG Action Fund will make a presentation to MavPAC membership.
• MavPAC & YG Action Fund are coordinating their convention activities with each other. Both will have a strong presence in Tampa, Florida during the RNC Convention.

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